You’ve GOT this!

It goes without saying, these are testing times.

It goes without saying, we are just a little uncomfortable.

It goes without saying, we need each other more now than ever..

But just know this; we will come back stronger than ever because we will have broken through that “seal” that kept us safe. We will now know that our supreme gifts are infinite and boundless. We will now know that we are forces to be reckoned with..

We will know, yes, we will know this.

The Laughing Yogi Schedule

Come breathe, and I’ll lead you to your own divinity….


10:30am, ALL LEVEL VINYASA FLOW @Fitness Edge, Milford

12:15pm, YINYASA @Exhale Studio, Shelton

6:30pm,LEVEL 2/3 VINYASA FLOW @Bend Yoga, Milford(starting Nov. 5th)




8:30am PRIVATE YOGA-contact for more info

12pm GUIDED MEDITATION- @Exhale Studio, Shelton

5:30pm, YINYASA, @Womens’ Wellness, Milford

7:00pm PRIVATE GUIDED MEDITATION-contact for more info


12:15pm, YINYASA @Exhale Studio, Shelton


10:45am ALL LEVEL VINYASA FLOW @Edge Fitness, Fairfield

4:30pm ALL LEVEL VINYASA FLOW @ Edge Fitness, Trumbull


9AM ALL LEVEL VINYASA FLOW @ Womens’ Wellness, LLC, Milford,

10:45am GUIDED MEDITATION @Exhale Studio

11:45am ALL LEVEL VINYASA FLOW @Exhale Studio


10:30am ALL LEVEL VINYASA FLOW @Edge Fitness, Derby

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The Mirror of Yoga

Arriving on your mat can mean so many things to a yogi. First, there’s the promise of flexibility and stress-reduction. Then there’s the anticipation of the actual feeling of “yoking” or union. And finally, there’s the exfoliant-like effect it has on our soul, resulting in a feeling of freshness and renewal.

What don’t we expect from our daily practice?

Triggers, deep-tissue memories, sadness, anxiety and all dirty, dusty things that tend to come up from the  recesses of the soul when engaged in a deeply spiritual endeavor. And yet, it doesn’t get talked about so much.

Oh yes, we hear about how” Yoga and meditation can change your life! “; but those are just taglines, albeit, entirely true. Although both practices are a wonderful elixir to the challenges of life, the reality is that these mindful practices also creep into the dark and shameful crevices of your soul,  shine a flood light on them, so that you can really get uncomfortably intimate with them. Yoga and meditation bring up so many repressed feelings, memories and triggers that when practiced on a committed level, the practitioner is often left feeling emotionally side-swiped. However, this is just when things start to get good. It is only through braving your way through the challenges(asana,pratyahara, yamas, niyamas, etc) of yoga, while simultaneously remaining vulnerable, that we become true yogis.

I became a very “unexpected” person through the two, now pillars, in my life. Both yoga and meditation have given me pain and joy equally, but mostly, insight and growth. The latter pair of attributes, of which, are paramount to our soul’s evolution, and eventual path to samadhi.

C.S Lewis said, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscious, but shouts in our pain.”
Pain is a traveling professor, making house calls to those of who are in need of lessons the most..
Answer your doorbell.
Namaste and Ahimsa, dear Yogis..

Rage and Meditation

When most people think of mediation, they envision a lithe, bearded man in a turban sitting in cross-legged position, with his hands in a funny position. Generally regarded as “hippie dippie” or only for those formally inducted into spirituality, the practice of mediation has taken on a soft and flighty role in the western world.

Little do people know that it’s pretty hardcore.

It’s not all breath and bliss…Things, very ugly things, come up in meditation; rage, anxiety, pain, fear. Meditation is a practice that ultimately calms the mind and body while bringing with it, inner peace. It is equally a catalyst for change, serving as a tool shed for working out issues. And although you are guided in an effort to clear the mind of thought, this is the exact moment that the feels come out to play; good and bad; ya know, like getting sideswiped on a Wednesday afternoon..

Then we come back to the breath; the anchor to nothingness.

Just when we think we’ve got a handle on it.. BOOM! WTF?? Why am I crying uncontrollably? Left-field feelings emerge from deep within. Then we judge ourselves for thinking, feeling, analyzing. We judge our judgement. But then you remember to recognize the pain. Bear witness to it, accept that it is part of the entire human experience. And eventually, you fall in love with your scars.

Then we come back to the breath; the anchor to nothingness.

And we’re ok again, and even a little freer.

This will happen countless times in my meditation practice. But that’s precisely why it’s a practice. You don’t give up on other things in life because they’re hard; you keep trying because it makes you stronger and deeper.Eventually, you get to know yourself, and more importantly, love and accept yourself..aka. inner peace. When you have inner peace, the rest of the world is your peace. You fall in love everything…

Not bad for sitting funny for an hour…


The Laughing Yogi Weekly Schedule

The FUN is always flowing with The Laughing Yogi…. COME PLAY!


10:45am, ALL LEVEL VINYASA @Fitness Edge, Milford

6:30pm,LEVEL 2/3 VINYASA FLOW @Bend Yoga, Milford(starting Nov. 5th)

7:45pm PRIVATE CLIENTS- appt only


5:30pm ALL-LEVEL VINYASA FLOW @Crunch Stratford

7:15pm ALL-LEVEL VINYASA FLOW@Taylor-Made Fitness , Shelton


8:30am ALL-LEVEL VINYASA FLOW @Edge Fitness, Milford


7:00pm PRIVATE GUIDED MEDITATION-contact for more info


9:30am SENIOR YOGA @ Taylor-Made Fitness

4:00pm PRIVATE GUIDED MEDITATION-contact for more info

7pm PRIVATE CLIENTS-contact for more info



4:30pm ALL LEVEL YOGA @ Edge Fitness, Trumbull( Starting Jan. 25th)

6pm ALL LEVEL YOGA @Edge Fitness, Milford


9am  ALL LEVEL YOGA @360 State St, New Haven


10:30am ALL LEVEL VINYASA @Edge Fitness, Derby

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You gotta love yourself, or it ALL falls apart…

Being involved in wellness world on many levels over the years ( bodybuilding, power lifting, racing, cycling,vegan chef, YOGA), has given me a front row seat to the body dysmorphic tendencies of the fit, specifically women. In my experience,  it’s been the fanatics of health that have been the most self-critical and loathing. From becoming visibly anxious at the thought of the gym reducing its hours for holidays, to having a “power yoga” teacher be replaced by a gentler instructor,  Ive seen some people lose their s*#t!  And this is only the active part of health. When it comes to relationships with food, I’ve seen women completely unravel, as if eating was the weapon of choice to combat self-hate and more disturbingly, used to compete with other women by shaming them.


This collection of  reactions stems from not being in control over one’s self-worth. And as Herculean a task it seems to become at complete peace with ones self, it’s even more challenging to live with a life of self-judgement and fear. When you put value on something that can be taken away from you, you will never be happy. When your self-worth is dependent on things that are physical and temporary, you won’t find true love, because you won’t love yourself…

So maybe instead of five more minutes of cardio, take those five minutes and reflect on what you love about yourself, instead of what you need to change. You’re NOT broken, so you don’t need fixing.

Be Grateful.

Be Kind.

Be Compassionate, to others, but mostly, to yourself.


Namaste and Ahimsa



Embracing the Darkness…

Heading into the “light” is such a common go-to behavior in our culture. We utilize it in a effort to avoid pain and to stop spreading negativity. This action is seen even more so in the spiritual community. How many times we are told to “think positively” and to “watch your thoughts”, as if that’s a safeguard against suffering? With the popularity of the teachings of the “Law of Attraction”, we are  encouraged even more to avoid negativity, because that behavior will bring about “more of what you don’t want”.  And although I agree that dwelling upon challenging situations,by letting your monkey mind go down the rabbit hole is counterproductive and can intensify your suffering,you first need to recognize that you have pain. Its like when a toddler throws a tantrum; you acknowledge him, but you don’t yell at him for crying.  It’s the same thing with pain.Once you acknowledge your pain, you let it rest.

You give it space and compassion. Bless it. It will leave when it’s good and ready…

We are under the delusion that pain is a hot potato, and something to quickly get rid of.  Quite the contrary: pain is a traveling professor, here to teach us  how deeply we can go. The depths of our humanity lie in suffering. Our value and potential is infinite, and pain and challenge are the only ways we forge a deeper connection to ourselves.

Namaste and Ahimsa my friends!