Embracing the Darkness…

Heading into the “light” is such a common go-to behavior in our culture. We utilize it in a effort to avoid pain and to stop spreading negativity. This action is seen even more so in the spiritual community. How many times we are told to “think positively” and to “watch your thoughts”, as if that’s a safeguard against suffering? With the popularity of the teachings of the “Law of Attraction”, we are  encouraged even more to avoid negativity, because that behavior will bring about “more of what you don’t want”.  And although I agree that dwelling upon challenging situations,by letting your monkey mind go down the rabbit hole is counterproductive and can intensify your suffering,you first need to recognize that you have pain. Its like when a toddler throws a tantrum; you acknowledge him, but you don’t yell at him for crying.  It’s the same thing with pain.Once you acknowledge your pain, you let it rest.

You give it space and compassion. Bless it. It will leave when it’s good and ready…

We are under the delusion that pain is a hot potato, and something to quickly get rid of.  Quite the contrary: pain is a traveling professor, here to teach us  how deeply we can go. The depths of our humanity lie in suffering. Our value and potential is infinite, and pain and challenge are the only ways we forge a deeper connection to ourselves.

Namaste and Ahimsa my friends!

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