Rage and Meditation

When most people think of mediation, they envision a lithe, bearded man in a turban sitting in cross-legged position, with his hands in a funny position. Generally regarded as “hippie dippie” or only for those formally inducted into spirituality, the practice of mediation has taken on a soft and flighty role in the western world.

Little do people know that it’s pretty hardcore.

It’s not all breath and bliss…Things, very ugly things, come up in meditation; rage, anxiety, pain, fear. Meditation is a practice that ultimately calms the mind and body while bringing with it, inner peace. It is equally a catalyst for change, serving as a tool shed for working out issues. And although you are guided in an effort to clear the mind of thought, this is the exact moment that the feels come out to play; good and bad; ya know, like getting sideswiped on a Wednesday afternoon..

Then we come back to the breath; the anchor to nothingness.

Just when we think we’ve got a handle on it.. BOOM! WTF?? Why am I crying uncontrollably? Left-field feelings emerge from deep within. Then we judge ourselves for thinking, feeling, analyzing. We judge our judgement. But then you remember to recognize the pain. Bear witness to it, accept that it is part of the entire human experience. And eventually, you fall in love with your scars.

Then we come back to the breath; the anchor to nothingness.

And we’re ok again, and even a little freer.

This will happen countless times in my meditation practice. But that’s precisely why it’s a practice. You don’t give up on other things in life because they’re hard; you keep trying because it makes you stronger and deeper.Eventually, you get to know yourself, and more importantly, love and accept yourself..aka. inner peace. When you have inner peace, the rest of the world is your peace. You fall in love everything…

Not bad for sitting funny for an hour…


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