The sneaky path of Yoga: Robin McPhee- Zen Yoga Barre

Some people are attracted to Yoga in the hopes of cultivating space and peace within. Others come to Yoga to heal a broken childhood heart. And some come to Yoga, frankly, to get a better butt…, really.  Well,whatever the motivation is for the great “seek”, there is one lesson to learn here;  all paths to yoga are as different (or as crazy, some say) as the yogis who teach it, and Robin McPhee’s journey is no exception.

In 2014, Robin almost died as a result from a burst appendix. Thankful to be alive, but unable to engage in traditional “no pain/no gain” exercise, someone had suggested she try Bikram Yoga. She was told  Bikram would get all of the toxins out of her body from all the medications and surgeries she had  endured that year, but was not aware of one of the possible side effects; addiction to yoga. She says “I became addicted to yoga as it made me feel better each time I went; I gained a little more strength, not to mention the mental benefits of being centered and not focusing on my poor health I was dealing with”. As we see from her story (and most of our own), the path of yoga in one’s life is unpredictable!

Fast-forward to 2017, Robin is now a 500-RYT as well as the proud owner of the Valley Press Reader’s Poll award-winner (Best Yoga Studio) Zen Yoga Barre in Unionville, CT.  Buyer beware: This is NOT your mama’s yoga studio! Her ambitious menu of options include, Yoga(ALL levels of course!), Barre, Yogalates, meditation, Thai Yoga and therapeutic massage, and Red Light Therapy(visit for more info).

Additionally Zen Yoga Barre  also has a beautiful boutique attached to it, filled with gifts and natural products ranging from local artists’ creations, malas, essential oils, local honey, yoga clothes and props, jewelry, Mantra bracelets, soy candles,vegan soaps and so much more.

Contact this busy Yogi for more info about workshops and events at


Namaste and Ahimsa!

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