You gotta love yourself, or it ALL falls apart…

Being involved in wellness world on many levels over the years ( bodybuilding, power lifting, racing, cycling,vegan chef, YOGA), has given me a front row seat to the body dysmorphic tendencies of the fit, specifically women. In my experience,  it’s been the fanatics of health that have been the most self-critical and loathing. From becoming visibly anxious at the thought of the gym reducing its hours for holidays, to having a “power yoga” teacher be replaced by a gentler instructor,  Ive seen some people lose their s*#t!  And this is only the active part of health. When it comes to relationships with food, I’ve seen women completely unravel, as if eating was the weapon of choice to combat self-hate and more disturbingly, used to compete with other women by shaming them.


This collection of  reactions stems from not being in control over one’s self-worth. And as Herculean a task it seems to become at complete peace with ones self, it’s even more challenging to live with a life of self-judgement and fear. When you put value on something that can be taken away from you, you will never be happy. When your self-worth is dependent on things that are physical and temporary, you won’t find true love, because you won’t love yourself…

So maybe instead of five more minutes of cardio, take those five minutes and reflect on what you love about yourself, instead of what you need to change. You’re NOT broken, so you don’t need fixing.

Be Grateful.

Be Kind.

Be Compassionate, to others, but mostly, to yourself.


Namaste and Ahimsa



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